Black Friday Canada

It’s that one time of the year when shoppers across the United States can get the best deals of the year on their favourite products and for the holiday season.   American’s Black Friday is much like our Canadian Boxing Day, but before Christmas is over.  But there is no reason why us fellow Canadians and neighbours can’t take part in these awesome deals.

Black Friday is Friday November 24, 2017 – November 26, 2017 (weird – one month until Christmas) where one will find the best deals.  Now , it might not be as aggressive as what we see some times in the States, but get started early for best selection.

And did you know that Black Friday is when most retailers get themselves out of the red and back into the black?  This is a way for companies to liquify their products with huge cost-saving deals for the consumer.  But what the consumer doesn’t know is that these companies are still making a huge profit off the goods.  This is why they run from the red into the black during this weekend blowout.

Photography by REUTERS/Nacho Doce

Just think about – if companies can still make tons of money, look at profit margins they are making on regular price product.

Don’t miss this consumer sale that runs at least a week for most companies.  Save some money and get your holiday shopping done early.

What types of things do you, as the consumer, shop for during these sales? Tell us why!  Ever see consumers at a store get aggressive?  Share with us, your stories of Black Friday

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