Behind the Scenes: No. 12 Issue Cover Photo Shoot

Team wrapping up the shoot in the sun! Loving the photos.

Our last cover shoot was on June 2nd, 2018 in a beautiful private backyard garden in Cochrane. Our wonderful team gathered together after spending many weeks planning and producing the shoot. We come up with themes and we work with multiple local businesses so they have a chance to get their name in the spotlight.

We worked with a great cake master, Cake by Sarah Jane, clothing from Cat’s Eye Vintage, makeup by Douglas Cressman, hair by Karnell Goebel. Styling by KD Lamarche and photography by Zev Abosh and Jeff McDonald. Thanks to the owners of the garden who allowed us to shoot there!

Check out the behind scenes photography to get a feel of how our shoot went!

Cake by Sarah Jane

Makeup by Doug Cressman

Lovely groom being styled by KD Lamarche

We offer all creative services for any special occasions!

Once again, we nailed it. It was very challenging but as always, it turned out great. We are excited to show you the next issue releasing mid July.


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