5 Top Netflix Shows That’s Perfect for Creative, Business and Positive Minds!

Our team is one big family full of creative and fun people. We like to share what we do on our personal time to get us revved up for our business adventures with our magazine and creative service clients.

When we’re giving our brains a break from work, most of us like to watch Netflix once in awhile and we have found some gems that we think is worth sharing with our readers! It helps when we are interested in certain things, Netflix has many documentaries, shows and movies that educate. Check below for our list and let us know if you agree!


This show is foreign from Spain and it’s so well done. The acting, the story line and the passion in this show is addictive and leaves us with wanting more.

It’s a love story, gives us some good chuckles, the lifestyle is extravagant and who doesn’t love to watch about a business in Fashion? Some juicy drama and it allows you enjoy your evening while kicking your shoes off after a long day at work.

You need to be able to read subtitles if you want to finish all 4 seasons and watch their spin offs!


Staying organized is tough for personal and business, but Marie Kondo created a storm online about her show. Everyone’s talking about it, so it’s a good one to watch!

There are some quirks that we all will remember to keep our lives organized.


The whole Social Media world is insane. Learn about what happened to the generation now compared to the ones before that watched actors and celebrities rise to fame from movies. Now, it’s YouTube…and there are influencers that have became famous.

Young generation now tell us they want to be a “YouTuber” instead of an “actor” which is a very interesting perspective from watching how technology has changed society the last decade.

It’s a good documentary to watch if you are concerned and would like to learn more about Social Media lifestyle.


This is another good documentary to watch about Social Media. It explains exactly why famous people LOVE fans and followers. Famous people sometimes feel ‘alone’ because they travel a lot due to their jobs. Followers and fans help them feel less alone because they can socialize online while traveling. P.S We didn’t realize how cool Paris Hilton was until we watched her tell the truth about her life in this movie.


We love this show. It’s so positive and fun. Lastly, they have magazine company that we love to watch about! Supergirl does a great job saving lives and it’s a great show to watch when we are going through rough patches in life. Supergirl’s got you.

Have you watched any of these? Do you have any that you would like to recommend us to watch on our free time?

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