420 Inspired Brides & Grooms

Now that’s a heading I never would have considered before. With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis, new business opportunities and collaborations emerge. Among these, weddings.

On March 16, 2019 Calgary saw its first Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo. The event provided couples with a fun and educational afternoon of meeting with cannabis friendly vendors to discover how to safely and legally incorporate green into their special day in what they describe as classy and sophisticated ways.

Vendors were diverse, with catchy names such as Queen of Bud, who’s promo info tells the story of a Queen who took a stand to bring joy to the kingdom by bringing the “bud of her labourers” to the people, and speaking of the pot empire.

The Garden of Weed-en offered everything from infused face and body care to catered edible trays or cocktail or dessert parties and infused dinner parties. Lifted Cannabis, wedding and event planners, tag line…Inhale Exhale & Enjoy your Moment, displayed more of the light hearted twist to what is often the highest stress event of a couples life…and Canndora had stickers reading “Giving zero f*cks and having a puff.

While cannabis brings levity, the expo focused on all aspects of the special day. A fashion show showcased beautiful gowns and the exclusive and beautiful Bow Valley Ranche and Meadow Muse Pavillion in Fish Creek Park were on hand to offer info on their unique venues.

Cannabis culture is extending itself into areas we have not considered before and Cannabis friendly weddings are sure to be a growing trend.

Written by Catherine Tkach



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