Lifestyle Thought: Social Media Vs Farming

Social media is terrible for showing off peoples lives in a ridiculously unrealistic way!  Well, that’s the conclusion that I have come to!

As a member of lots of groups, I see spotless houses (with kids living there), toddlers wearing white with not a speck of dirt on them, and food that would make me salivate.  However, there is one thing I can say… this is not reality!  Not at all!

I am a farmer’s wife, and people think that I have the ideal farm family lifestyle.  Behind every door there are secrets and ours is no exception.

I used to be the best housekeeper, cook and well organized. With 2 children, and a husband that not only farms, but works in town – I keep my house organized, but it would never pass the white glove inspection like my mums.

I am never caught up on laundry, ironing is out of the question, and, yes, I do a load twice because I forget to put it in the dryer.

I rely heavily on my dishwasher: I will wash things twice if they don’t get clean the first time, I put them through again because I hate hand washing.

I don’t bake pies, I never make homemade bread unless the kids are putting something in a local fair.

I struggle to have the perfect lawn since my dogs ruin it and I don’t have time to patch it.  Who makes their yard two acres anyway??

My garden consists of potatoes in an old watering trough, and I struggle with weeds because the dirt is from the cows wintering area.

I go to town to pick up a few things, get home and realize I forgot the one thing I actually needed!

I am not the best book-keeper, and I am currently months behind in my paper records and computer work.

Most days I am thankful to make it to the end of the day, with two kids fed, bathed, healthy, and happy.

I do however stay up almost every night and wait for my farmer to come in from chores, after a long hard day at his “day” job.

So there you have it, I am a horrible farm wife!

So why am I sharing this?  I think more often than we feel like we have to do it all or we constantly are failing.  We are constantly comparing ourselves to others.  However, the older I get the more I realize, a messy house, mismatched socks, pulling an all-nighter to catch up on book work, or staying up all night when the cows are calving at -40, I always make sure my husband and children are loved in the midst of the chaos sometimes is the only thing I can do right.

And that is perfectly ok!


Written by Vanessa Kelly Reeve

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