CALL FOR: Stories and Skills of Canadians. Yes, YOU.

We are excited for the month of June to be here!

We have four new issues coming out this year; July, August, October and December. Our issues are filling up quickly with awesome contents about Canadians to be shared worldwide. Our issues are 25 pages long and FREE read online. If you love the issue so much that you’d like a print…we offer that too! $8 per print plus shipping and it’s in your mailbox by just over a week.

We are always looking for new stories or submissions to publish. Our favourite part of working for this brand is meeting new people, listening and reading to their interviews, designing their layouts and their reaction of being published. Makes our job worth it, always.

I just wanted to send a message to say I really appreciate the feature!! It was really well done!! I will definitely be sharing and ordering a couple physical hard copies for my records. Thank you so much for giving me the space to speak on this issue! – Kimberly Jev


One of the stories that inspired us all in our most recent issue. Order your print to read the rest! 

One of our favourite feature from our last issue.

We all struggle, we all succeed, let’s share it all so we know we are not alone.

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