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StandOUT Publications is an inspiring Canadian lifestyle and creative platform giving Canadians a voice.


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Our platform publishes an inspiring online & print-on-demand magazine that shares extraordinary stories of ordinary Canadians as well as lifestyle information and tips from business professionals and entrepreneurs.



There are endless stories about the success and truth of Canadians across the country.  STANDOUT Publications has a large library of different clients we work with in every issue.



Our themes (issues) throughout the years are relatable, inspiring, truthful, personable and informative. We want to give ALL Canadians a chance to share their voices and stories in a positive magazine. “No one should be shut down, no one should feel left out.”




  • Working with StandOUT Publications was absolutely wonderful and exciting, from the very second I spoke with them I felt comfortable and excited about being apart of a Canadian magazine.  They feature things that you don't get in a cosmo, the things you really want to read about and see. When I first seen my layout they had done for me I was brought to tears, being apart of something like this in such a way made me feel for the first time proud of myself of how far I have come and changed. I cannot wait to see what the future has to hold for the standout team!

    Trena Wall Graves Makeup Artist @ Creative Makeup
  • The staff at StandOUT Publications are courteous and professional visionaries. Their magazine promotes issues that matter and people others can relate to. Well done StandOUT Publications!

    Katie Pezzutto Writer & Model
  • I specifically had the pleasure of working with Tessa, Zev and Jeff. It was my first time meeting them for a creative photoshoot in Cremona. I got to meet these 2 amazing photographers and learned so much about the area and more about StandOUT Publications. They made the shoot so fun and made me feel very welcome! Tessa especially invited me into her home and even cooked us all dinner! Everyone else was so supportive and encouraging. I'm so happy and grateful I got to be a part of an amazing shoot that day!

    Teisha Vogel Model
  • We are SO EXCITED to have been featured in @standoutpublications for their Vol.4 summer issue!! Go check out these awesome people...they put Canadians FRONT and CENTER and make them STANDOUT!

    Wil Oak & Tonic
  • I love how it's all so positive! Rather than the "we're f**ked unless we make these changes," and the changes all seem so far out of reach for the ordinary human, it's more of a "these are things we can all do easily and affordably to make big change". I love it! The photography is spectacular and the sentiment is so heart felt! I can't wait to see what the next issue has going on!

    Sam Howells
  • I like to know about good things that are happening and about good things people are doing, especially today when we are under a constant barrage of negative news. I also appreciate honest, artful and well phrased, good news, not hyped up stories that are meant to grab your attention with shocking headlines. StandOUT Publications is refreshing. Keep up the good work, even when it may feel discouraging at times; momentum tends to waver and wane. You and your team are truly inspiring. There are so many positive stories and people to feature, you'll have content for a million issues. As for what I'd like to see, it's difficult to say. You don't know what you don't know - yet. That's what I'm relying on - your good judgment, intuition, and wisdom. Personally, my interest is peaked with stories about fashion that is innovative, functional and creative, environmentally ethical, with sustainable business models, solutions that are inclusive and accessible to all shapes, ages, and varying lifestyles. 


    Jutta Holtkamp
  • I worked with StandOUT to develop a logo for my grassroots, organic produce business and it was a breeze. I had a pretty good idea of what the brand should embody but no idea how to turn it into a logo. Tessa weeded through all my ideas and vision and brought the brand to life beautifully!

    Kelly Steward Sprouts Honour
  • Words do not describe how I'm feeling right now to see such a beautifully written and stunning article that sums up my story today and my big juicy vision for the future. "Grateful" sums it all up so beautifully. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes, Founder and woman On Purpose alongside her brilliant, and an authentic team of writers (Autumn, you're such a special woman with the biggest heart and talented editor. Thank you for making the interview easy and like a conversation with a bestie!). Photographers and designers - thank you for shining the spotlight on our works and contributing to making a difference in the world. Your style, passion for storytelling and commitment to showcasing Canadians who "Stand Out" is inspiring. I look forward to working with StandOUT Publications... the "breadcrumbs" are leading us to Global Women of Inspiration and a magazine is calling. Let's move those mountains... On Purpose!


    Monica Kretschmer Monica Kretschmer Founder and CEO Canadian Business Chicks, Founder of Women of Inspiration and Founder of The Nest Foundation
  • Tessa is impressive - and fun to work with. We are glad she was sent our way!

    W. Brett Wilson Chairman of Prairie Merchant
  • I approached StandOUT Publications because I wanted to have my story and what my agency stands for in a magazine - I wanted people to see how my agency is different! The StandOut Publications team helped me a lot and I have had a great experience with them. I truly like what they do and what they stand for. I like that they promote great stories because there are a lot of those in Calgary! I'm very happy that there is a magazine like this in our city! Inspire to get inspired! loved the final result and hard copy of the magazine! I would recommend this magazine to anyone who wants to read inspirational stories or to anyone who wants to share their stories with our city, with our country, and with the world! Together we can make a difference!

    Eduard Soponar Monica Model Management
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