Discovering Canadians

STANDOUT Publications is committed to discovering extraordinary Canadians by using our digital and print-on-demand platform to share their stories with the rest of Canada. We showcase individuals as well as businesses with the hopes of connecting and integrating Canadians nationally. Every month our cover photo will be representative of a theme or a feature inside the issue. As a company, we believe that every Canadian has a story to share, and we want to be able to help you share it.





About Us

StandOUT Publications is an all-Canadian publication made by Canadians for Canadians. Our team consists of an extraordinary talent base of photographers, writers, creative directors, layout & design technicians, stylists, editors, and even interpreters. Our core team is a multi-cultural collaboration of individuals from:  Canada, England, Israel, Russia, and the Philippines. Our global backgrounds allow our diversity to shine through, as our team works together to always create unique and original pieces of journalistic publications. Although our roots are from different areas, we are all proud Canadians, with the shared goal to expose the great community in Canada. We help to expose and share the talents of entrepreneurs, inventors, fashion & makeup designers, and art to a wide range of community events, fundraisers, and people. Standout Publications works with a vast team of core and volunteer members ready to create something beautiful.


As part of Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, we will be focusing greatly on our past, present, and future. Our mission is to relate and showcase a part of Canada in each issue that parallels our cover. We want to experience all of Canada and express what the people of it have to offer. We want to celebrate and share the stories of ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things. We all came from somewhere, we all have a story, and we all want to be celebrated. Are you a stand out Canadian? Tell us your story and you could be featured on our blog and in an issue. Let’s shine to the rest of the world and expose what Canada really has to offer. We are beautiful. We are Canadian.  #Canadianswhostandout #Canada150StandOut

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There are endless stories about the success of Canadians across the country.  STANDOUT Publications has a large library of different clients we work with in every issue. However, we are always looking for more inspiration and added value to each of our issues. Do you have an inspiring story, company, or product that you believe should be displayed to other fellow Canadians across the country? From feature articles, to advertorials and advertising, Standout Publications has a wide platform of tools that can help you showcase your offerings to Canada and the world. Ask us how and we will work alongside our clients to ensure the best quality of work from our talented team.


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What Canadians Think of StandOUT

  • Working with StandOUT Publications was absolutely wonderful and exciting, from the very second I spoke with them I felt comfortable and excited about being apart of their Canadian magazine. They feature things the things you really want to read about and see. When I first saw my layout they had done for me, I was brought to tears, being apart of something like this in such a way made me feel for the first time proud of myself of how far I have come and changed. I cannot wait to see what the future has to hold for the StandOUT team!

    Trena P. Graves Wall Be Your Voice Project
  • The staff at StandOUT Publications are courteous and professional visionaries. Their magazine promotes issues that matter and people others can relate to. Well done StandOUT Publications!

    Katie Pezzutto
  • I love working with the StandOut team! They are amazing at making sure your message is heard loud and clear, and we have an amazing time doing it too! Communication is key, especially when we are creating something long distance, and they do a great job of keeping you updated!

    Cheryl Sutherland CEO, PleaseNotes
  • It was a pleasure working with Tessa from StandOUT. Right from when she first reached out to me on Instagram about featuring our work, she was energetic, and her enthusiasm for Canadian stories showed. Keep up the good work!
    Storm Crow Mythical Matters
  • StandOUT has been AWESOME to work with. We have collaborated a number of times and each time they produce outstanding pieces that I'm so excited to share. They are prompt, creative, courteous and FUN to work with. I look forward to our future collaborations!

    Allyson Hayward Western Sales Manager 

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